10 Reasons to Switch to Online Shopping

10 Reasons to Switch to Online Shopping - from the UCAN Blog
10 Reasons to Switch to Online Shopping - from the UCAN Blog

The e-commerce sector is growing rapidly and whilst I have never felt unsafe using an online shop, I know there are still many out there that aren’t sold on the idea. But why spend hours waiting in queues? Let go of the hustle and bustle of shops and upgrade to an easier and stress-free method of shopping. Here are 10 reasons why you should make the switch to buying from an online shop.


1. Convenience

How convenient is it when you can shop in the comfort of your pajamas and fuzzy socks with a fresh cup of coffee in your hand? Online shopping is available 24/7 which means no more worrying about making sure you get to the shop before it closes!

2. Better discounts

Online shops are able to provide specials and discounts to their customers much easier than physical shops can. Large retailers plan their offerings due to the size of their network however online retailers can action sales easily. To gain access to these, ensure that you are on your favourite online shop’s mailing list to be kept up to date with their specials.

3. More Variety

A physical store can only hold so much, however online stores do not have a limit. When shopping online therefore, the selection available is much larger than that which you’d find a physical store.

4. No Crowds

A major advantage to online shopping is that there are no long queues to make you grumpy or to waste your time. Online shopping is quick and easy and definitely doesn’t wipe the smile off your face!

5. Less Compulsive Shopping

I’m not entirely sure whether I should give this tip since I own an online shop, but many people feel pressured to buy products that they don’t need. Our hope is that when you buy from us you will have considered your options and have taken the time you need to buy the correct solution.

6. Price Comparisons

Comparing and researching prices is so much easier online than in a physical store. When shopping online, a little research will show if you are being overcharged for the product you are wanting to purchase. However don’t forget that online shops do have to pay to get items to you so a little leeway should be given to the online retailer.

7. Send Gifts More Easily

Online shops make gift-giving super easy so I’m afraid you have no more excuses for not sending something special to someone special. When buying gifts online remember to let the retailer know about your deadline, and order far in advance if you can, to avoid panic about getting the gift to the recipient on time.

8. Fewer Expenses

My guess is that when we are trawling the shopping malls, we also stop for a bite to eat, spend money on random things we don’t need so my number 8 reason to shop online is that you will save money and have fewer expenses.

9. Reading Customer Reviews

Online shops give you access to customer’s reviews and testimonials which you do not have when buying from a physical store. Not only will you find out more about the products but also about the experience of buying from the particular online shop.

10. Easy to Search for Merchandise

Instead of searching up and down aisles for the products you want, online shopping provides you with the search bar! Simply typing in what you are looking for will save you lots of time and energy.

So, all in all, we think online shopping is the bomb-dot-com for so many reasons. We hope to see you at checkout!