Affordable Custom Kitchens

Affordable Custom Kitchens
Affordable Custom Kitchens

PG Bison recently published a blog post about the UCAN website and what sets us apart from other manufacturers. We are proud to have PG Bison supplying us with high quality product so that we can manufacture affordable custom kitchens. Below is an excerpt from their article.


At PG Bison, we love showcasing innovative and exciting ways that our customers use our products. UCAN, a division of Home Concept, realised that many homeowners feel overwhelmed by trying to design a kitchen, and they came up with a great solution.

The company developed a website (, which includes a gallery of kitchen images, measure-up guides and a master planner. This allows homeowners to easily select exactly what they want, from cupboard door colours to the handles, worktops and accessories they need, plus advice on how to lay out a kitchen (from serving counter space to the food preparation area).

Once they know what they like, customers simply contact UCAN to arrange a time for a consultant to come and assist them with the design process and confirm the measurements of the space. A quote is then supplied and, once payment has been made (payment plans are available), installation arrangements are finalised. Delivery will take place within 14 working days. We chatted to Andrew Milne, Director at “UCAN do it”, a division of Home Concept, to find out a bit more about the business.

Tell us a bit about UCAN.

The company began in 1995, supplying an imaginative range of built-in kitchen and bedroom cupboards in South Africa. Three containers of flat pack furniture were imported into the country. However, the concept was ahead of its time for the South African market. We saw an opportunity to service and supply built-in kitchens to the emerging middle market and opened stores in KwaZulu-Natal, predominately targeting townships.

Thereafter, a store was opened in Cape Town, and the business was later approached by retailers to service and supply nationally. We now have dealers across the country, who offer a unique service and supply of custom kitchens, bedroom and bathroom cupboards. The “UCAN do it” brand focuses on giving the customer the option they need, from DIY flatpack cupboards they can install themselves to a full custom solution.

What sets UCAN apart from competitors?

Over 26 years of experience has taught us how to focus wisely on our business – which we believe gives us a competitive advantage. Quality always comes first and we like to offer value. Our manufacturing capabilities are world class and our people and machines allow us to be flexible enough to process small, large and mega projects.

The processes and IT systems that we have invested in eliminate manual intervention and costly mistakes. Our support team includes qualified designers to assist our clients with their measurements, design, inspiration delivery and installation. Our people, many of whom have spent all their working life with the company, are our biggest asset and resource.

How do you come up with the kitchen designs for your catalogue and ensure you’re offering products that meet market needs?

Inspiration is taken from all quarters. We listen to our customers, our dealers, our consultants and industry experts.

Which milestones are you most proud of?

I think our biggest milestone is 25 years in business. That is something we are very proud of. The other aspect I’m most proud of is our people, from the factory to our head office and through to our dealers. We have a balanced, dedicated, motivated, experienced and stable family. Many of them began in junior roles, and with their drive and passion, they now direct our business into the future.

What’s next for UCAN?

We are always looking to grow our business and to partner with like-minded business people – those who are willing and able to service our customers and grow with us.

Why do you choose PG Bison boards for your kitchens?

PG Bison has been a supplier partner for the business since 1998. During that time we have supported each other and have a strong bond and relationship, built on trust and respect. PG Bison offers a world-class product and keeps investing in their manufacturing capabilities.


As published on PG Bison website.