How to Clean Spotlessly with Minimal Effort

How to Clean Spotlessly with Minimal Effort - UCAN BLOG
How to Clean Spotlessly with Minimal Effort - UCAN BLOG

Time is a commodity that we all seem to have less of. Between work, cooking or looking after the family, it’s difficult to find time to just relax. This is why when cleaning your home, using the right products and a routine makes the world of difference especially with the amount of time you’ll end up spending.

Finding the right cleaning product for the job—whether it’s removing stains on your kitchen stove or eliminating the stubborn grime in your bathroom. We’ve put together some simple tips that will help you keep your home spotless with minimal effort.


Declutter as often as you can

Keeping your home spotless with minimal effort means having to incorporate changes that will make the cleaning process quicker and hassle free when the time comes. One of the best practices you can incorporate into your cleaning routine is decluttering the spaces around your home as often as possible.

Clean as you go

Sometimes it’s easy to put cleaning the tiny messes you make around the house on the back burner, but these end up contributing the most to the bigger mess you have to clean in the near future. A common scenario where the clean as you go’ rule applies is when you are cooking in the kitchen. The act of cooking typically involves a lot of peeling, chopping and the use of various utensils which can cause a mess in your kitchen. To minimize the mess, clean the tiny messes you create along the way such as discarding the peels, rinsing the spoons and wiping your surfaces immediately after spilling something on your stove to avoid stubborn stains. For an even quicker clean try using a convenient spray such as the Handy Andy Multi Purpose spray that cleans and disinfects any surface in just 10 seconds.

Find a product that does it all

For example, the Handy Andy multi-purpose cream is an all-in-one product that works on removing stubborn dirt on all surfaces around the home which eliminates the hassle of having to use various products on the many surfaces around your home.

Keep the dust away

It may not seem like much, but it does make a difference and will save you time in the long run. Wiping down a dusty surface with a wet cloth tends to smear it leaving a muddy residue which we do not want right? So why not try using a damp cloth which will trap the dust particles while cleaning your surfaces without leaving an unpleasant residue. Dusting the surfaces around your home does not take much time or energy but the difference sure is visible.

Try using a product that is tailored for your space

For surfaces such as stoves and countertops, apply a product that is tailored to all your kitchen cleaning needs for targeted efficiency. Using a product that is tailored to your space will save you more time and elbow grease which is why the Handy Andy Kitchen spray is the perfect choice. It is important to always go for a product that is highly effective on daily kitchen dirt, that degreases quickly and easily while leaving your surfaces sparkling clean.

Develop a cleaning routine and pattern

We understand that cleaning especially when you are not used to it or when it’s not your favourite thing to do may feel like a daunting task, but the good news is developing a routine might help take that anxiety away. Use the consistent pattern of going from left to right and top to bottom when cleaning to avoid wasting time by going back to the spots you missed during your first pass.

And finally, always remember, the key to keeping your home clean at all times is organisation and consistency. It is important to consistently clean your home thoroughly and thereafter maintain that level of cleanliness even with these quick and time saving tips. Now that you have discovered these few tips on how you can clean your home spotlessly with minimal effort, cleaning your home should not feel overwhelmingly alarming but more of something to look forward to.

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