Creative Ways to Preserve your Child's Art

Creative Ways to Preserve your Child's Art
Creative Ways to Preserve your Child's Art

After another school year, we bet you've accumulated a lot of your child's art and are now wondering how you can possibly keep it all. If you're the sentimental type, we think you should choose just a few that you can preserve and display in a creative way, rather than stuffing it all into a box and forgetting about it. Here are some clever ideas we think you'll love.


Digital Archive

Scan or take photos of your child's artwork and create a digital archive. You can organise these files by date or theme. This way, you can easily access and share the artwork without taking up physical space.


Art Gallery Wall

Designate a specific wall in your home as an art gallery. Frame selected pieces and regularly update the display. You can use matching frames for a cohesive look or go for a more eclectic feel with different frame styles.


Art File or Book

Invest in a large file or create a custom book where you can slip in and organise your child's artwork. This keeps it protected and allows you to flip through the pages like a portfolio.


Custom Calendar

Create a personalised calendar featuring your child's artwork. Use online services that allow you to upload images for each month. It's a practical way to enjoy the art while staying organised.


DIY Art Journals

Transform your child's artwork into a DIY art journal. Bind the pages together, and your child can even add notes or captions. This becomes a creative keepsake and a fun project to work on together.


Art Clothesline

    Install a small clothesline or wire in a dedicated space. Use mini clothespins to hang up your child's artwork. This way, you can easily swap out pieces as new creations come in.


    Framed Corkboard or Magnet Board

    Cover a corkboard or magnet board with fabric and frame it. Use decorative pins or magnets to display your child's art. This option is great for frequently changing displays.


    Art Storage Box

    Designate a special box for storing artwork. Use a large, decorative box and organise the art by date or age. This is a great solution if you want to keep the pieces but don't necessarily want them on display.


    Gallery Bookshelves

    Install picture ledges on the walls to create gallery-style bookshelves. You can lean framed artwork against the wall or even display 3D art pieces on the shelves.


    Digital Frame

    Invest in a digital photo frame and load it with a rotating selection of your child's artwork. This allows you to display multiple pieces in one frame without taking up physical space.


    Remember, the key is to strike a balance between showcasing the artwork and managing the sheer volume that kids can produce. Rotate the displays periodically to keep things fresh and avoid clutter. 

    Then sit back and enjoy...