Innovative Eco-Friendly Gadgets That Clean Your Home For You

Innovative Eco-Friendly Gadgets That Clean Your Home For You - UCAN blog
Innovative Eco-Friendly Gadgets That Clean Your Home For You - UCAN blog

More and more South Africans are making changes to live more eco-friendly lifestyles. Almost half of South Africans have a “reasonable” idea of the positive changes they can make, while over half (54%) are becoming increasingly committed to their eco-efforts, statistics from NGO Pulse reveal.

When it comes to cleaning your home, there are many eco-friendly gadgets that can make your daily routine both more efficient and better for the environment. In particular, new innovations - from robot vacuums and mops to automatic shower cleaners and air purifiers - are transforming how South Africans clean their homes.


Robot vacuums

Robotic vacuums are an innovative, new technology which simplifies cleaning. They essentially vacuum your home for you and work on a range of different surfaces, including carpet, rugs, tiles, and hardwood floor. Equipped with cutting-edge sensors, robot vacuums can navigate your home seamlessly without bumping into obstacles. They’re even able to get into tight corners and thoroughly vacuum stubborn areas, which saves you even more time and hassle. You can also program your cleaner’s daily schedule and route using the corresponding app on your smartphone. Even better, many models are eco-friendly and energy-efficient. Robot vacuums are powerful, battery-powered cleaners, which use way less energy than regular, less-efficient plug-in vacuums.

Robotic mops

Mopping the floor is an important, yet time-consuming, part of keeping a clean home. Fortunately, robot mops can make your life much easier. They use sensors to navigate your home effortlessly and precisely spray the floor with cleaner (without bumping into or spraying the furniture). They then mop the floor to eliminate dirt, grime, and grease. Additionally, smart robot mops can be controlled by your smartphone or voice-commands. All you need to do is regularly put water and/or cleaning solution in the tank. Robotic mops are also energy-efficient and come with reusable pads, which make them better for the environment. Some robot mops also double as robot vacuums to give your floors an even more thorough cleaning — with little to no input given by the user.

Shower cleaners

Cleaning your shower everyday is a challenge — it takes serious elbow grease to remove that stubborn buildup of grime from the grout. Automatic shower cleaners simplify your daily bathroom cleaning regime. All you have to do is stick your cleaner to the shower wall, switch it on, and walk away. Automatic shower cleaners are fitted with a high-tech cleaning system which sprays cleaner straight onto the shower walls. It then uses cleaning pads (along with the water already on the shower walls) to eliminate the layers of dirt, soap scum, mould, and mildew stains. When it comes to considering your environmental footprint, it’s important to look for an eco-friendly model which uses reusable cleaning pads and non-toxic cleaning solution.

Air purifiers

The air we breathe plays an important role in our health. However, indoor air pollution is a serious health issue, which affects at least 20% of the population. Indoor air pollution even causes the deaths of 1,400 South African children each year. Fortunately, you can improve the air quality inside your home with an air purifier. Air purifiers use HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters to trap harmful air pollutants, such as, pet dander, pollen, and dust mites. The purifier then pushes only clean air back out into your home. Some filters are even more effective and use ultraviolet light filters, which destroy biological impurities, such as, mould, viruses, or bacteria.

New technology is continually evolving to provide South Africans with smarter cleaning solutions. These gadgets will help you keep a cleaner, safer home, which is also kinder to the environment.