Be Organised and Prepared for the Gym

Be Organised and Prepared for the Gym
Be Organised and Prepared for the Gym

As with reaching any other goal in life, good preparation is required if you are to make going to the gym and exercising a successful part of your life. If you enjoy an active lifestyle but have never gone to the gym before, or are battling to keep up your routine, these tips should get you organised, prepared and hopefully motivated, for the gym.

Buy Workout Clothes

A proper workout requires proper clothing. Wearing something restrictive or uncomfortable can lower your training efficiency and irritate you. Good workout clothes will be breathable and for the ladies, offer support where it counts. This does not have to cost a fortune as there are many brands that are affordable.


Never head to the gym on an empty stomach. Fuel up an hour before to give your stomach a chance to digest. A few of my favourites include bananas, green apples, yogurt or trail mix. Keep your snacks fresh and ready to go in a small container. Remember though that if you are just starting to workout, your body can take a knock, so take a multi-vitamin and Vitamin C tablet daily. Use a pill sorter will to keep track of any vitamins or medications I need to remember.

Pack Your Gym Bag

Keep it simple. Pack only what you need. Basic items should include a towel, water bottle, iPod, earphones and gloves. An absolute must is to not take your cell phone to the gym. Leave it in your car cubby – no debate!

Create A Workout Plan

Don’t arrive at gym and waste time standing around wondering what to do. Start by planning your week. For example:

  • Monday – Legs (Get it out the way)
  • Tuesday – Shoulders
  • Wednesday – Arms
  • Thursday – Back
  • Friday – Chest

You can find great sites to get workout plans such as

Workout Music

Once you consistently go to the gym, you’ll probably find that exercising becomes boring and tedious at times. If you have an iPod or other music player, create an upbeat music playlist.

Stretch first

Stretch once every day before going to, or starting, gym. You can find many basic stretching routines online but remember that bouncing while you stretch is never a good idea. When stretching, hold the stretch for 20-30 seconds.

Be prepared for the gym bathroom

Not everyone likes to shower or wash their hair at the gym, but if you do, carry a cosmetic case that hangs on a hook. A packing organiser is a must to divide your shoes, underwear and more in your gym bag. There is nothing worse than packing dirty shoes and clothing with your other items. A laundry bag will also do the trick nicely.

A post-workout reward

Positive reinforcement will keep you going back to the gym. By rewarding yourself after an intense workout, you’ll motivate yourself to do it again. When it comes to the reward, you can treat yourself with any of your favourite healthy treats such a protein shake.