10 Must-haves for your Craft Room

10 Must haves for your craft room. Storage. Organise. Noticeboards. Home Office. www.ucandoit.co.za
10 Must haves for your craft room. Storage. Organise. Noticeboards. Home Office. www.ucandoit.co.za

Almost every home has a room where all the unwanted items that have never been organised, are stored. This room is not only a dump room but probably also a rubbish room! When you’ve got a room like this in your home, it is probably incredibly crowded and messy because everyone in the home continuously dumps and never organises.

However, if you enjoy crafting and don’t have space for it, your ‘messy’ room often becomes the craft room. If you really want to enjoy your space and be as creative as possible, don’t ignore the clutter. Rather sort, purge and maintain that messy space. To help you get started, here are 10 must-haves for your craft room.

A Craft Table

Every craft room needs a decent craft table because it is very hard to be creative in a confined space. The craft table should not only be a good size, it should also be functional. Investing in a good craft table that doubles as a storage unit will not go unrewarded.

A Peg Board or Wire Grid

There are many things you can use a pegboard for and they really do a good job of getting supplies off your craft table. Use a peg board or wire grid to hang your craft tools and if possible, hang baskets and storage trays on your peg board for additional storage. Peg boards and grids are a great addition to a craft room because everything is easily organised and visible, making things easy to find. Even noticeboards are a great addition to any craft room.


A craft room can never have enough storage. When planning the layout of your room, make sure that you can maximise the wall space by adding ceiling to floor shelving. You will want to use these shelves to store items which you do not use on daily basis. If nicely decorated, the shelving can also make your craft room look so inviting that you won’t be able to resist spending time in it.

A Comfortable Chair

Since most crafts require sitting for long hours, it would be a good idea to make sure you have a comfortable and supportive chair. Do some research if necessary, on the best chair to use when crafting.

Storage boxes

Crafting often means having a multitude of supplies – from markers and paints, to beads and more. Clear storage boxes are great for storing your supplies as you can easily see what is inside them but if you don’t want to spend a fortune on these, then sturdy cardboard boxes will do just fine.

Get a storage trolley

If you don’t have a lot of space in your craft room or do crafts in various places in your home, then a storage trolley is essential. A storage trolley can also be super useful if your craft room doubles as a spare room. You can easily store supplies in the trolley and take it out the room when you have guests staying.

Drawer and desktop organisers

The tiniest of supplies in a craft room are often the most difficult to organise. Having a few drawer and desktop organisers in your craft room for storing buttons, beads, finishing nails and anything else that can get lost in the jumble of crafting, is always a great idea. Clear desktop drawers would be preferable but if not possible, ensure that your drawers are well labelled.


Labels help you find exactly what you need when you need it. It’s therefore a no-brainer that creating your own labels is so important when setting up your craft room. Whether big or small, label it all! And if you are serious about labelling, consider investing in your own label printer.

Cutting mat

A flexible cutting mat with a grid is also a must in every craft room. It is perfect for accurate measuring and cutting, and also serves as a protective surface cover for the floor or your craft table. You can get various sized cutting mats which ‘self-heal’ as you cut. Rotary cutters and stencils are also useful and all of these can be hung up on the wall so as to free up your work space.

Cleaning supplies

Crafting can be messy so make sure that you have paper towels and other cleaning supplies on hand in your craft room. Having a paper towel or other cleaning supplies accessible can be the difference between a completed project or a ruined one.

Now that you know the 10 must-haves for your craft room, get creative and have fun.