5 Ways To Organise Your Home To Prevent Allergy Attacks

5 Ways To Organise Your Home To Prevent Allergy Attacks
5 Ways To Organise Your Home To Prevent Allergy Attacks

The cost of allergies to the South African economy is more than R606-million a year, with more than 1.8 million children affected by asthma and even more affected by seasonal allergies. When it comes to your home, it’s important to employ organisational techniques that promote health and well-being, especially when it comes to the cleanliness of the spaces you live in.

However, organisation is about more than simply order and cleanliness. Sometimes, it can be a matter of health, especially if you or one of your loved ones is affected by allergies.


Implement a Cleaning Schedule

Getting your whole family on board will be crucial for this first organisational strategy, which is actually a good way to keep order in the house all week long. Implementing a cleaning schedule will ensure that all areas of your home are cleaned at least once weekly to reduce the buildup of allergens such as dust particles and even mould. Organise the schedule by room, by task or by family member. However you choose to do it, it’s a surefire way to tackle allergens in the home.


Reduce Moisture in the Air

Anything that traps moisture is a breeding ground for mould, especially in areas such as the bathroom or laundry room where moisture is a given. To combat these risks, you’ll want to pay special attention to these areas while cleaning them with an eco-friendly solution on a weekly basis. Arrange the furniture or appliances in a way that ensures you’re not creating areas which are more prone to being damp (i.e. letting wet towels hang in a damp bathroom without drying or placing the washer right up against the wall). If it’s needed, invest in a dehumidifier to help keep the moisture levels low.

Keep the Air Clean

Experts note that environmental changes are one of the leading causes of the increase in allergies in South Africa. Because the outdoor air tends to flow easily into homes, it’s especially important that you work to keep the air clean to reduce the effects it can have on someone with allergies or asthma. To accomplish this, you’ll want to ensure you’re keeping your HVAC system clean as well as cleaning the windows regularly and opening them to allow bad air out.

Wash Bedding Once a Week

This might seem like a tough task if you’ve got more than one child, but washing everybody’s bedding once a week will really help reduce allergy symptoms. This is because they’re covered with human hair, possible pet dander and dust and skin particles that can buildup over time. Use a fragrance-free detergent to avoid irritating sensitive skin and you’ll find it easier to breathe and to sleep.

Organise the Refrigerator

This tip is crucial if someone in your household has a food allergy. To ensure they don’t accidentally eat something they’re not supposed to, you’ll want to be smart about how you organise your refrigerator and the pantry. Develop a system of identification for various types of food, label them correctly and arrange the shelves in a way that clearly shows them what they can and cannot eat.

Working to organise your home in a way that reduces the possibility of allergic reactions is really no different than working to keep a healthy household. By following a few simple organisational methods and ensuring your home stays clean, you’ll find that your entire family can live and breathe just a little bit easier.

Here’s another great resource sent to us by a reader, Mary Kate Wyler: https://www.serenataflowers.com/en/uk/guide-indoor-allergies