Everything you Need to Know about DIY Kitchens

Everything you Need to Know about DIY Kitchens
Everything you Need to Know about DIY Kitchens

A kitchen renovation is no small task. Most people outsource their projects to professional kitchen specialists (sometimes it’s just easier that way). However there is absolutely no reason why you can’t do this yourself. Here is what you need to know about DIY Kitchens.

Coordinating your own kitchen remodel simply means that you will plan, order and install your kitchen yourself. The process is quite straightforward. With our range of kitchen units and schemes, you can pick and choose units to suit your layout and build your very own dream kitchen.


Measure up (double & triple check)

The first step to building your DIY kitchen is the measure up. This can be intimidating for many but if you use our useful measure up guide, you should be able to easily to do this.

Get the design solidified

After the measuring, you can begin planning your kitchen layout. Again, our Master Planner Tool will assist you to finalise a layout that works with your space. Use the dimensions of the units you have selected to plan every inch of your kitchen.

What to look for in kitchen units

    • Material: Ensure that your kitchen units are manufactured from high-quality materials. UCAN cupboards and furniture are made with melawood, the interior of our cupboards are fully white and there is no exposed chip. Always research the material so that you know exactly what type of wood/wood alternatives you are purchasing.

    • Affordability: Are you getting the best value for money? Quality goods don’t have to cost a fortune but at the same time, buying something cheap is not going to last very long so be mindful of that. The one bonus of self-installation is that you'll definitely save on the cost of labour.

    • Quality: Ordering online can be tricky as you aren't able to physically see the product. Our products are all manufactured locally and offer a 1 year manufacturing warranty. However, if you do decide to go with another company, we recommend selecting a reputable supplier. Read reviews and product descriptions carefully.

Place your orders for everything

The design and layout will inform which modular units you need to order, which can all be done online. Our range includes base and top units as well as units with baskets and drawers. Pantry and broom cupboards are also available.


All the units come flat-packed with pre-drilled holes and all the hardware you need. The easy-to-follow assembly instructions will assist to complete the installation. If you happen to run into any problems whilst installing, you can contact our support team for assistance.

If you want a custom design, we can help

The UCAN modular kitchen unit range includes standard size units that can be purchased directly off the website and shipped straight to your door. Talk to us for assistance with custom sizes, we have the capability to manufacture units to your requirements. If it’s custom dimensions or configurations you are looking for, we can make your dreams a reality.

Organisers and accessories

Did you know that UCAN now also sells organisers for kitchens? Our range includes stainless steel dispensers, racks and shelves. Shop now for the perfect solution for your new kitchen.