4 Ways to Renovate your Kitchen

4 Ways to Renovate your Kitchen. Kitchen schemes. Modular cupboards or a fitted kitchen. UCAN get one from us.
4 Ways to Renovate your Kitchen. Kitchen schemes. Modular cupboards or a fitted kitchen. UCAN get one from us.

A kitchen renovation can be as intensive or as simple as you want, from complete custom kitchens to DIY kitchen schemes and and units. Whatever you decide, UCAN can help you no matter how you decide to upgrade (or build) your kitchen. Here are 4 ways you can renovate your kitchen.


Custom Kitchens

UCAN has been building custom kitchens for over 25 years. As such, customers can rest assured that they will get the best possible service and craftsmanship. Our kitchen specialists will help guide you through the process from choosing door styles and colours to worktops and handles. Once the design and details have been approved, the installation can begin. All that is left is for you to enjoy and start making memories.

Kitchen Schemes

Our kitchen schemes are the perfect middle ground between a custom kitchen and the other (more DIY) options. These DIY kitchen schemes are sold as a whole and delivered flat-packed with all the hardware that you need to install them yourself. Although the smaller schemes make up amazing kitchens on their own, they can also be installed as additions to an existing kitchen. Our modular kitchens are available in a selection of beautiful colours and designs, but you always have the option of choosing your very own custom colour, just chat to a UCAN team member about a quote for this.

Modular Kitchen Units

Just like our kitchen schemes, these units can be ordered directly off our online shop. They come flat-packed and ready to install and offer the ability to configure your kitchen from start to finish. With enough of these modular kitchen units, you can build yourself an entire DIY kitchen. These units are an extremely cost-effective option for all those handy DIYers out there. Our range includes base units, top units, corner units, walk-in pantry, drawers, grocery cupboards and much more. We can help with everything you need to know about DIY kitchen units by offering expert guidance and support.

Updating Doors & Handles

By far the most cost-effective way to give your kitchen a refresh is simply updating the doors and handles. Just by installing new doors, you have the opportunity to update your cabinet door styles, colours and handles, while still keeping the same kitchen layout that you know and love. This small update is a great way to introduce current trends into your kitchen and it will be just as easy to swap out for a new style down the line.

All four methods of renovating your kitchen give amazing results. Whilst they differ in the amount of intensity and the cost, UCAN strives to offer affordable kitchen solutions and aims to deliver exceptional service. Give us a call for a quote on your next kitchen renovation.