Invest in yourself. Join the 12-Week Organise-your-Home Challenge.

Invest in yourself. Take the 12-week Organise your home challenge with UCAN.
Invest in yourself. Take the 12-week Organise your home challenge with UCAN.

After a cold winter, we are all looking forward to warmer weather so that we can shed the layers and start enjoying gorgeous (and warmer) South African days. But not only does Spring bring warmer weather, it also represents a renewal of sorts.

That is why we are launching our 12-week Organise-your-Home Challenge which will be a time for you to concentrate on renewing your spaces. Each week we will guide you through organising a space in your home, from your bathroom to your garage! By the end of the 12 weeks you will have a home that you will be proud to call your own.


And to get you started, we wanted to give you our top tips for a successful challenge. 


  1. Set clear goals. Define what you want to achieve by the end of the 12 weeks. Whether it's decluttering, creating functional spaces, or reducing stress, having clear goals will guide your efforts.


  1. Start small. We will be focusing on one space each week but even in that one space, focus on one area at a time. Trying to tackle everything at once can be overwhelming. Begin with a small space, complete it, and then move on to the next.


  1. Decluttering is an essential part of organisation. Just embrace it and try to not be emotional about it.


  1. Use organising products wisely. Invest in organising products that truly enhance your space. Storage bins, shelves, drawer dividers, and hooks can make a big difference and the UCAN solutions have been chosen to provide affordable function.


  1. Clear and clean surfaces regularly. Throughout your 12-week challenge, keep surfaces clear of clutter. Make it a habit to clear them daily. A clear and clean surface instantly makes a space feel more organised and far more inviting.


  1. Set a timer. If you are going to be doing your weekly challenge over a few days, dedicate a specific amount of time each day to organising. Setting a timer helps you stay focused and prevents burnout. Even just 15-30 minutes can lead to significant progress over time.


  1. Maintain regularly. Finishing one of your challenges doesn’t mean you are done with that space forever. Commit to regular maintenance. Spend a few minutes each day or week thereafter tidying up. 


  1. Use labels. Labels make it easy to identify what's in each container, bin, or drawer. They prevent confusion and encourage others to put things back where they belong. If you take labelling seriously, consider investing in a label machine. 


  1. Be patient and evaluate your progress. Don't expect instant perfection. Organising is a process that takes time so celebrate each space you finish during the challenge and if you face setbacks, remember that it's okay—just keep moving forward.


  1. Make it a lifestyle. Organising isn't a one-time event. Embrace the principles you've learned as a lifestyle. Consistent small efforts prevent clutter from piling up again and if you stay committed throughout the challenge, you can enjoy the positive changes in your living spaces.


So, what do you say? Are you ready to join our 12-Week Organise your Home Challenge? We can't wait to help you create order in your spaces.