6 Changes to your Morning Routine that will Improve your Day

6 Changes to your Morning Routine that will Improve your Day - UCAN Blog - www.ucandoit.co.za
6 Changes to your Morning Routine that will Improve your Day - UCAN Blog - www.ucandoit.co.za

I have come to realise over the years, that a small change in my morning routine can change the entire course of my day. For example, starting my day earlier ensures that I get quiet time before the phone starts ringing or if I prepare food to take to work, I don’t land up wasting money or getting irritable because I’m hungry. Small changes to be sure, but for some reason, they really do impact on how my day progresses. Here are some other suggestions that may work for you.


Make your bed

Making your bed may sound like a silly task to complete in the morning, especially when there are far more important things to worry about, but I really do find that if this is done as part of your morning routine, it gives you motivation to forge ahead with the bigger tasks of the day. Besides, there is literally nothing better than getting home to a neat and inviting bedroom after a busy day.

Drink water

Drinking water is a no-brainer for me however when I ask my husband if he has had his daily intake, he laughs it off and offers his usual glib reply; “I’ve had 2 cups of coffee and that has water”! The importance of hydration cannot be overstated. Our body will use up energy in accomplishing tasks for the day and therefore needs to remain hydrated. In fact, headaches are often the result of dehydration. Drinking water as part of your morning routine and ensuring that you have a bottle of water with you for your day ahead, will certainly get you off to an amazing start.

Feed yourself

Over the years, I have fluctuated between routinely eating a good breakfast to not making the time for it (and regretting it later in my day). It’s all about creating that all-important morning routine and when you do feed yourself properly, you’re also becoming more mindful of your diet for the remainder of the day. I find it really can be achieved with a little preparation so have granola, fruit, oats and yoghurt on hand all the time and you’ll notice the spring in your step soon enough.


I’d be lying if I said that I exercise religiously. I definitely go through phases. I will say though, that when I do make exercise part of my morning routine, I never regret it. Even 20 minutes of exercise will wake up your body and mind making it a really good way to start your day. And if getting organised for the gym is something you struggle with, read up on how simple it can be.

Set goals

Lately I have found, that if I start my day with writing down my goals and tasks for the day, I am more likely to get to them. The 5 minutes I afford myself when I get to the office, somehow brings incredible clarity to what my priorities need to be for the day. Either write down your goals, or make use of Basecamp, an app I have found to be very useful.

Read an inspirational quote

Reading, or listening to, something motivational in the morning really makes me feel geared up for my day. I also enjoy taking some time to ponder what I’m grateful for. Make this part of your daily routine, as access to motivational words is so easy nowadays, be it via a TED Talk video or a podcast that you subscribe to.