Top Tips for Storing Christmas Decorations

Top Tips for Storing Christmas Decorations from UCAN Blog
Top Tips for Storing Christmas Decorations from UCAN Blog

The thought of having to organise Christmas decorations at the end of each festive season sometimes makes us wish we didn’t have to put them out at all. But when I created a plan and used the correct storage bags, it suddenly wasn’t so daunting.


Use storage boxes with compartments

Ideally, similarly shaped ornaments should be stored in boxes with compartments (either plastic or cardboard). Heavy divided boxes that once held wine work well. Remember to wrap each ornament in tissue paper or bubble wrap and fit it inside its own compartment ensuring it doesn’t move around too much and get damaged as a result. When you’re finished putting all the ornaments in their box, make a list on the outside of it detailing what is in it so they are easy to identify the following year.

Another option for your ornaments (especially the smaller, delicate ones) is to use their original packaging as this often has a plastic casing to fit exactly and an egg carton can also be a simple yet effective solution.

Hat boxes are great for wreath storage

Hat storage boxes are a handy storage solution for wreaths or a wreath storage bag will do the trick too. They are generally deep and wide enough – in fact, you may well be able to fit 2 in one container. Also, wrap this up in tissue paper to avoid damage and to protect from dust and when you put all your bags and boxes back in the cupboard, place your wreaths on the top to avoid them being damaged.

Storage for Christmas lights

There are numerous ways to store the Christmas lights (often the most frustrating to get right). Besides using a Christmas tree lights storage bag, here are a few other ideas:

  • When taking off the tree, use your arm to wrap it around. Once in the circular shape, use cable ties in various places around it to keep its shape.
  • A coat hanger can be a great solution. Wrap the lights around it and you can even hang it on a rail.
  • A paper towel roll is also an option as is wrapping them around a thick flat cardboard, making it easy to store in a large plastic container.
  • Yet another option is using an extension cord ring. This is probably the most secure option.

Advent calendars can be reused if you look after them. Simply fold it and store in a box and if it’s made of another material, pack it in a storage container with bubble wrap. Store the loose pieces in a Ziploc bag that you’ve labelled.

If you have special holiday candles, look after these too by storing them in a cool place. Avoid wrapping the candles in plastic wrap as they may start sticking together – rather go with cellophane paper.

Special crockery and Christmas linen

If you have special crockery for the festive season, be sure to wrap it up well in bubble wrap. If you have space in sideboards to store it, then do so but generally, it would be best to keep it in what I call ‘archive’ space i.e. the top of a cupboard. This way you don’t risk breaking it and you can find it easily when taking out all your other festive season decorations.

Similarly, if you use special linen at Christmas a great way to store them is to use a suitcase. This will protect the linen from moisture damage. If you have to Christmas tablecloths, towels, rugs, blankets, etc. on an unused shelf in your linen cupboard, put one or two lavender-scented paper sheets between the linens to keep away moths and keep them smelling wonderful.

Christmas tree storage bag

And finally, it’s always good for a laugh trying to get that Christmas tree back into the box. Once you have pulled the pieces apart, you keep them together with twine and then place them in the UCAN Christmas Tree Storage Bag. Then it’s good to go for another year. 

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