Week 3 : Bedrooms

Week 3 : Bedrooms
Week 3 : Bedrooms

The goal this week is to make your space a calming and relaxing one where you can retreat to after a long day. It is now time to declutter and reorganise (as well as clean) your bedrooms. Let’s get into it..


Step 1: Sort

  • Sort through everything in your bedrooms, focusing on one area at a time.

  • Start with your bedside tables – the place in your bedroom that collects the most clutter. If you can barely see the bottom of your bedside table, best you start by taking everything off that. Then tackle what is inside the drawers (if you have one with drawers). If the lack of drawers is starting to drive you nuts, consider upgrading to one with a few, like one of these from UCAN.

  • If you come across items that belong in another room, place these into a basket or pile so after you’ve sorted through everything, you can then go and return these from whence they came.

  • If the items are going to stay in the drawers, place these into a basket so that after you’ve cleaned you can organise and place them back.

  • When this area is done, you can move onto the next area. If your bedrooms have dressing tables or a chest of drawers you can do these next.

  • Remember to place the items you don’t use anymore into a basket or black bag for donating. We often throw away so many things that charity shops can sell or that people need. So this is an important step!


Step 2: Clean


You don’t have to do this all at once… Pick a section of your room each night (or an entire bedroom) and clean everything. You can do it in sections if you get overwhelmed by the thought of doing all the bedrooms in a day. If you would prefer to do it all at once that’s great too!

Put on some groovy music and gather all the cleaning supplies before you even begin!

  • Start by cleaning the windows, blinds & mirrors in your room.

  • Wipe down your doors and doorknobs. We don’t often think to do this but think about the germs that doorknobs collect! Ew.

  • Dust your dressing table and bedside tables. Make sure you wipe down what goes on the table too. Trinkets and decor gathers a lot of dust so wipe everything down well.

  • Vacuum / sweep the floor.

  • Wash your bedding including mattress protectors and the base cover.

  • Vacuum mattress or flip them.

  • Wash your pillows, sheets & throw blankets if any.

  • Finally wipe down your light fittings or any fans/ air conditioners in your rooms. These need a regular cleaning, especially before summer. 


Step 3: Organise

Now is the fun part! Everything should be clean and you should know what items are necessary and will be going back into each space.

  • Take your basket of things to go into other rooms and empty this now. Make sure to put things back into the correct room. By doing this you will have less clutter in your bedrooms and you can start organising!

  • Designate a shelf or drawer to each category. eg: top drawer or bedside table for skin products and books.

  • Use containers or baskets or drawer dividers to store small items and electronics.

  • If you are able, you may even want to use the space beneath your bed to store linen and shoes.

  • Place items back onto your dressing table and decorate.

  • Once everything is neatly packed away, make sure you’re happy with where you’ve placed everything.

I like to take a step back after placing everything back into their new homes. Have a look and see if anything is cluttered or if any space looks off to you. Go back and rearrange these.

Finally I like to add a candle or room spray to really end on a high note. It makes the room relaxing and makes it smell amazing!


In Conclusion

  • If you’ve done it right, your bedrooms should be cleaner, less cluttered and all in all, a more relaxing space for you to retreat to.

  • Everything should be in the correct place and any items you no longer use should be in a bag to be donated.

  • Again, any items you don’t use often, whether it’s makeup in your dressing table or books in your drawers, should be placed at the back or bottom of their respective homes. Keep things you use/need often easily available.


WELL DONE ! See you next week where we’ll tackle WEEK 4!

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