5 Easy-to-do Bathroom Organisation Ideas

5 Easy-to-do Bathroom Organisation Ideas - UCAN blog
5 Easy-to-do Bathroom Organisation Ideas - UCAN blog

So many of us have small bathrooms and we need to make the most of those spaces. Personally I love a good idea that uses what I call, ‘dead space’.

Here are 5 really easy-to-do bathroom organisation ideas.


1. Use kitchen organisers in the bathroom

Spice racks on the inside of the doors or lazy-susans on shelves work a treat. Bathroom organisation just got a lot easier!


Found on bhg.com


2. A magazine holder offers great bathroom organisation potential for curling irons or straighteners.

However, be sure to use something stronger than cardboard if you’re going to store it near water (oh, and don’t store it until it has cooled down). You wouldn’t want to burn your house down!

Beauty Product Organization - Cosmopolitan

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3. Paper drawers offer the perfect dividers for medication

This will work a charm for the smaller medication that you have to divide but I would think it would be better to put bottles standing up in another container that pulls out the cupboard easily. Remember to label to make it even easier to find what you’re looking for.

Paper drawers for medicines

Found on twoyellowbirdsdecor.blogspot.com


4. Planters

A woven planter is the perfect accessory in the bathroom for towels and toilet supplies. Just be sure not to pile too much into them so that the hooks don’t break.

Window boxes used as bathroom storage. Such a great idea.

Found on ourfifthhouse.com


5. Basic plastic cups

Basic plastic cups can help you separate toothbrushes on the inside of the cupboard door – especially useful if you have a large family! The cups can be secured to the door with double-sided tape or a small tack/nail.

Toothbrush organizing tip

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These are just some of the bathroom organisation ideas we’ve found. There are loads more here: https://www.pinterest.com/ucandoitsa