Week 6 : Bathrooms

Week 6 : Bathrooms
Week 6 : Bathrooms

Organising your bathroom during week 6 of a 12-week challenge is a great way to declutter and create a more functional and relaxing space. Here are the steps to help you organise your bathroom effectively:


Step 1: Assess and Plan

  • Start by assessing the current state of your bathroom. Take note of what needs organising and decluttering and set clear goals for what you want to achieve by the end of the week. For example, do you want to declutter the vanity, organise the medicine cabinet, or tackle the linen cupboard?
  • Make a list of organising supplies you'll need, such as baskets, drawer dividers, labels and containers. Before you buy these, make sure they will fit and provide you with the solution you need in the space.


Step 2: Declutter

  • Now you can start the decluttering process. Go through cabinets, drawers, and shelves. Make sure that you dispose of expired medications, old cosmetics, and toiletries you no longer use.
  • Donate or discard items you don't need or want anymore.


Step 3: Clean

  • Before you start organising, take the time to thoroughly clean your bathroom. Scrub the bathtub / shower, the basin, toilet, and all surfaces.
  • Wash any bathroom rugs, shower curtains, and towels.


Step 4: Organise

  • Sort the remaining items into categories like toiletries, medications, cosmetics, and cleaning supplies, remembering to group similar items together for easier organisation.
  • Keep frequently used items easily accessible, and store less-used items at the back.
  • If you have a linen cupboard or towel storage area in your bathroom, organise it by folding and stacking towels neatly. Use containers or baskets to keep extra linens and supplies organised. Remember to label these.
  • Use a functional shower caddy or shelves to keep shower products organised.
  • Organise your vanity by using trays or drawer dividers for cosmetics, toothbrushes, and other daily essentials. If you don't have a lot of drawer space, then a tiered organiser is often the best solution.


Step 5: Final Touches

  • Step back and assess your organised bathroom.
  • Make any final adjustments and tweaks as needed.
  • Add a few decorative elements like plants or candles to enhance the ambiance.


Remember to:

  • Implement a system to maintain your organised bathroom.
  • Regularly go through your toiletries and other items to ensure they stay clutter-free.
  • Schedule a regular cleaning routine to keep the space fresh and tidy.


By following these steps over the course of a week, you can transform your bathroom into an organised and functional space as part of your 12-week challenge. Remember to maintain the organisation to enjoy the benefits of a clutter-free bathroom.


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