Week 7 - Craft & Hobby Room

Week 7 - Craft & Hobby Room
Week 7 - Craft & Hobby Room

We are now entering Week 7 of the challenge and you are ALMOST done. This week could be a real challenge for those who craft and often, you enjoy crafting but not necessarily tidying up.

My experience when organising a craft/hobby room is that there is always a project that isn't finished so supplies are everywhere! Your craft room could include supplies for scrapbooking, sewing, mosaics, painting and so much more. But now is the time to seize the day to create an organised (and pleasant) hobby space in your home. Are you ready?


Step 1: SORT

    • Go through everything on your shelves, in drawers and baskets and purge as much clutter as you can. In a craft/hobby room, there are generally a lot of 'bits and pieces' and these can be very small items which can make this step very overwhelming.

    • To maintain your sanity, group like with like. You will soon see how much of all this you have and it is very likely that you realise you have way more than you need.

    • Don't forget to sort through all your equipment now. You may have items that you no longer use or are broken.

    • Once you've gone through all these piles, move things into piles for Keep, Donate, Rubbish and Other Room.

    • If you haven’t used something in a while or it is damaged/expired, be brave and get rid of it.

    • If you have craft supplies like paints and pencils, test each one to make sure they still work and aren't empty.


Step 2: CLEAN

    • Wipe down your shelves and drawers. If you haven't done so already, add contact paper to shelves to make it even easier to wipe clean in future. This will also ensure that your shelves don't get easily stained.

    • Empty trays, baskets and bins of any rubbish that you may not have cleared as yet.

    • Unplug all your equipment and clean them thoroughly. If necessary, service them to ensure they are in perfect working condition for future projects.



    • Now it’s time to put everything away. Organise your supplies, using bins, baskets and any organisers you may already have on hand.

    • In most spaces, the goal is to categorise and a craft/hobby room is no exception. In fact it is probably even more necessary!

    • There is no rule for categorising except to say that it needs to make sense to you. For example, equipment in one area of the room, paper in another, labels in drawers. When you were sorting you probably already started seeing the categories you should create, so take one item at a time and get going. You can use a different shelf, basket, or drawer for each category.

    • Label using a label maker or stick on/chalk labels. Both available on the site.

    • See here for containers and boxes. These are great for dividing and categorising.

    • Label each container/ drawer and group like items with like. For example: drawing supplies, fabric, scrapbooking paper etc.



To Finish off:

    • Decorate your space or just wipe down your surfaces once more. A craft/hobby room is meant to get your creative juices flowing. It is a space that should bring your joy - not dread!

  • Remember to DONATE!! Any craft supplies, sewing leftovers or books are welcome at places like the SPCA or Highway Hospice.

And there you have it, you’re done! WELL DONE! 

See you next week where we’ll tackle WEEK 8!

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