Week 9 - Laundry Room

Week 9 - Laundry Room
Week 9 - Laundry Room

Many of us put off dealing with laundry until we no longer have anything to wear. Right? It's a pain to have to wash, dry and pack away so your laundry room (or the space in your home you use to manage your laundry), can quickly become a large pile of stuff!

This week's challenge is to clean your laundry room from top to bottom, finish all of the laundry you've been avoiding and organise the space so that you can have everything you need close at hand.  Let's go..


Step 1: SORT

    • Empty out the ENTIRE laundry room. Pull all chemicals, furniture and storage out so you can sort through it.

    • Purge anything that doesn’t belong.  Throw away empty bottles (making sure to recycle what you can). If you have expired detergents or poisons hiding in the recesses of your laundry cupboards and now need to get rid of them, best you do it properly. Read this article for suggestions. 

    • Throw away rubbish, donate unwanted or unneeded items and put things away.

    • Sort through your machinery and pegs. Throwing away any broken pegs, hangers and things like vacuum parts.

    • Service faulty equipment at this time.



Step 2: CLEAN

    • Pull out the washer/dryer and vacuum and clean behind it. Clean out the dryer vent. Check if you have a 'drum clean' setting on your washing machine. If you do, set it to clean. Thereafter, wipe down the outside of the washer and dryer well then place them back in their place. If this is always hard to do, consider purchasing appliance rollers.

    • Wipe down all shelving, walls, sinks, doors, & dust any lights.

    • If you have any leaky bottles, try decanting these & adding contact paper to the bottom of your shelf for an easy wipe down in future.

    • Clean your detergent bottles.




After the laundry room is clean, it’s time to put everything away. Organise your supplies, using bins, baskets, etc.

    • Keep in mind, if you haven’t used something in the last 12 months, get rid of it. Don’t put it back in the laundry room.

    • Restock your laundry if necessary. Consider buying cleaning agents in bulk to save money and even at a zero waste shop to reduce plastic waste!

    • Label each container and group like items with like, for example cleaning cloths, pet items, detergents and stain removers and so on.

    • Put together a caddy with all the products you need for weekly cleaning. Keep these in here for easy cleaning.

    • Store your vacuum using a vacuum organiser or make sure all parts are stored together.

    • If you need clothes racks or airers, consider installing these now. They are great space savers and are perfect for drying laundry when you aren't home.

    • Finish off by doing any outstanding laundry.



To Finish off:

    • Decorate your space, adding a diffuser or candles to hide any dirty laundry smells.

    • An inviting laundry space can make a huge difference and if you don't have a designated room, even organising the Laundry Cupboard can make a huge difference. If you don't have one, UCAN now has a flatpack DIY option just for you.

    • If I can leave you with anything, it's to consider switching to Eco Friendly Cleaners if you can. It really does help the environment and they are so much kinder on the skin than unnatural chemicals.


And there you have it, you're done! See you next week where we'll tackle Children's Rooms and Toys!


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